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When Insurance Resources Are Not Enough, Ask Your Attorney About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Being seriously injured is bad enough after a car, truck or pedestrian accident. It is common for an injured person to need hospitalization, lengthy physical therapy and disability accommodations. All these consequences of a motor vehicle accident can be true hardships, but financial challenges make recovery much more difficult.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you pursue the maximum available compensation after your car, truck or bicycle accident. They may discover that the liable party’s financial resources will not be enough to meet your needs. When that happens, our personal injury team at Okhovat Law Firm can help you and your family pursue compensation in other ways – which may involve the uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UMI) coverage on your own auto insurance or that of a household member of yours.

What Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist (UM/UMI) Coverage Can Do For You

If you are reading this and have not been involved in an accident yet, consider this page to be a reminder to buy UM/UMI coverage as part of your auto insurance. Many people don’t know whether they have it, but most drivers do – or, someone in their household has it.

If you or a family member has been injured, seek our lawyers’ assistance to identify all relevant insurance coverage. At the same time, they will work with your doctors and other professionals to get a realistic idea of how much compensation you will need for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Other losses resulting from the accident

With our attorneys’ combined years of experience and strong track record, you can be assured that they will find all sources of compensation for your injuries and losses. They are equipped to do battle with your insurance company on your behalf if it makes you struggle to get access to your UI/UMI coverage.

Request A Free Consultation About Your Car, Motorcycle Or Bicycle Accident

Our personal injury team is ready to give your case a high priority as it helps you pursue the compensation that you need and deserve after a serious accident.

Discuss how UM/UIM insurance coverage may or may not apply to your personal injury case. Request a free case analysis with one or more of our personal injury lawyers by calling 424-285-5419 or contacting us online.