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Our Attorneys Can Help You Get Compensation for Accidents on Public Transportation

Most people use LA’s metro rail train system to quickly travel between areas of the city like Koreatown, DTLA, and Santa Monica without having to deal with the headache of traffic. Most passengers on the city’s metro system are just trying to get from Point A to Point B without any trouble, and this is usually the case.

However, for some, the daily commute does not go this smoothly. There were 47 metro-related injuries in 2018.

Instead of using the underground metro system to get to your destination, you may be met with muggings or stabbings on the platform or even a severe injury if you misstep while trying to board the train car. In the most serious cases, people can fall onto the train tracks and perish if the train car is not stopped in time. In 2008, an engineer’s negligence caused a metro collision at the Chatsworth station that resulted in 25 deaths. This severe accident resulted in a personal injury and wrongful death settlement of $200 million.

Common Types of Metro Injuries

If the metro car you’re on has to pull the emergency brake, there’s bound to be injuries since metros don’t have the luxury of seatbelts. Metro cars move at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, so stopping suddenly is going to cause passengers to jolt or fly forward.

The traditional kinds of pedestrian injuries that our personal injury attorneys in Sherman Oaks typically sue for can also happen at train stations. For example, a train rider can be walking through the station when they slip and fall on a spill inside the platform. Though this injury did not occur on the metro itself, the metro transit authority may still be held liable by a train accident attorney in Sherman Oaks. It’s also possible that the pedestrian twists their ankle on the platform or injures themselves on a malfunctioning escalator.

In the areas where the metro travels above ground, negligent drivers and train operators can sometimes collide, resulting in serious injuries or death. In 2005, a suicidal driver parked their car on the train tracks and waited to be hit, and this collision resulted in 11 deaths and almost 200 injuries.

Perhaps the most common incident that happens on the Los Angeles metro system is a mugging. According to the metro website, crime on the metro system has actually decreased 17% over the last five years. If someone attacks you, whether it’s for the purpose of taking your money or not, you may be wondering if you can get compensated.

Liability in a Metro Accident

Similar to a premises liability claim, getting injured at a metro station or on a metro itself puts the city of Los Angeles at the center of a lawsuit. The city government is obligated to take a reasonable level of care to ensure that all metro platforms and cars are safe for riders.

Along with slip-and-fall incidents on the platforms, the transit authority can be held partially liable for the criminal actions of others. How? The transit authority is obligated to take a reasonable level of effort to keep stations and platforms safe and secure. Surveillance cameras and security guards are one way the transit authority has put in the effort to protect passengers. If there were not adequate security protections in the area in which you were attacked, your Sherman Oaks metro injury attorney may be able to assist in proving negligence on the part of the transit authority.

You Need a Skilled Attorney to Handle a Lawsuit Against the Government

Suing the government is a tricky business, but our honest and hardworking Sherman Oaks mass transit accident attorneys can help those who have been injured as the result of negligence on behalf of the Los Angeles transit authority. If you need a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney, look no further than Okhovat Law.

Our injury attorneys will turn your devastation into compensation by thoroughly researching your case so that you have the strongest claim possible. Our Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm’s goal is to provide legal counsel, emotional support, and the highest level of care. We pride ourselves on:

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