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Obtaining Compensation After A Bicycle Accident

Bicycle riders are at a disadvantage when they collide with motor vehicles. The bicyclist is often thrown into the air and lands on the ground without protection. Even with a helmet, someone riding a bicycle can suffer serious injuries, such as those to the head, neck and back. Fatalities are common for bicyclists, especially when accidents occur along streets with high speed limits.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in the Los Angeles area, our lawyers encourage you to contact Okhovat Law Firm to request a free case evaluation.

Injuries, Liability And Compensation

Common injuries among bicycle riders include those involving:

  • The head
  • The spinal cord
  • The neck, shoulder and back
  • Broken bones

Physical recovery and rehabilitation can be a long, costly process. When injuries are fatal, a family may struggle financially for months or years, especially when the bicyclist was a breadwinner.

Pursuing the compensation that an injured bicyclist or a bereaved family needs can be a challenge, especially in a hit-and-run accident case. At Okhovat Law Firm, our attorneys will work hard to discover whose negligence led to the accident. If a hit-and-run driver is never found, our team can help you pursue compensation through uninsured-underinsured motorist coverage on either your car accident insurance or that of a household member.

Get Your Bicycle Accident Case Started

The early stages of a bicycle accident case can be especially critical. Evidence, such as surveillance camera footage, can help your lawyer build a strong case for your fair compensation.

To schedule a free consultation about your bicycle accident and your options for pursuing compensation, call us in Sherman Oaks at 424-285-5419 or send an email inquiry.