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Construction Accident Attorney In Sherman Oaks

Injured On A Construction Site? Get Legal Help Now!

As a construction worker, nothing is more important than operating in a way that keeps yourself and your colleagues free from harm. You adhere to the rules, and you wear the appropriate equipment. But the company also has a role to play in your safety.

Your employer should do a proper risk assessment of the construction site and take action to mitigate hazards. They should also provide you with adequate personal protective equipment. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in between heavy machinery, scaffolding and trenches.

Making a minor mistake can also put your life in jeopardy. You must be aware of the dangers associated with the job, especially if you’re required to use high-power tools and equipment.

Why Choose Okhovat Law Firm?

A skilled and experienced construction accident injury attorney in Sherman Oaks can get you such justice without dragging you through a long and expensive trial. The multilingual legal staff at Okhovat Law Firm has always worked hard to give clients the results they deserve.

Several years ago, Anna Okhovat started her mission to establish a firm centered around personal injury law. Her goal is to provide legal counsel, support and the highest level of care. Not only does this firm have a reputation for getting clients the results they need, but also for:

  • Having a proven track record
  • Providing one-on-one contact with clients
  • Not charging fees unless the case is won
  • Taking a personalized approach to every case

Because construction accidents are often severe and dire, don’t delay your opportunity to file a compensation claim. Give us a call at 424-285-5419 .

If The Worst Happens

Accidents sometimes happen on construction sites. With so many moving objects, parts, tools and people, things can go wrong. It may not be traceable to negligence or wrongdoing on anyone’s part. If this is the case, you can always apply for workers’ compensation. To get the latter, you must prove that you were injured and that the injury occurred in the course and scope of your employment. Workers’ compensation claims cover medical costs, lost wages and disability of any kind.

Grounds For A Lawsuit

There are some situations in which workers’ comp is not enough. You could also file a lawsuit if you were seriously injured due to the negligence of a co-worker, subcontractor or vendor. It takes a skilled Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney to help you build a successful case. And we have the insight and experience to advocate on your behalf.

A building project involves many different kinds of persons and entities. Your employer will not have control over or responsibility for other organizations’ processes, routines and standards. We list a few examples below:

  • If a subcontractor deploys a crew that works recklessly, they should be held accountable.
  • If a vendor operates clumsily on a construction site and causes an accident, for example, then they too should be held accountable. Even architects and engineers have a standard of care they must implement for the job.
  • You can also file a claim against the makers of defective tools and equipment. You will need to use many such devices in the course of your work.

If one of them malfunctioned and injured you, it is your right to sue for damages under the product liability statutes of California. The respondents to your lawsuit can include anyone from the product designer to the manufacturer that assembled it. The fact that their oversight, hastiness or incompetence played a role in your injury is enough for a successful lawsuit.

If you’re looking for more insight regarding how to file a claim after a construction accident, you can refer to this article.

The Legal Work Ahead

Getting full compensation for construction accidents is not as easy as it seems. Companies are willing to put up a fight – both to save themselves from paying expensive claims and to prevent the establishment of a precedent.

There will be a great deal of work ahead of you and your Sherman Oaks construction accident lawyer. The first thing your construction site accident lawyer will do is get you to speak about the facts and circumstances that led to the accident.

Accidents can be traumatic events, which might make it hard for you to recall everything. That’s alright – your workplace injury attorney in Sherman Oaks only needs enough from you to figure out the investigation and legal strategy approach.

To win the case – that is, to get the sum of money you are entitled to – you will need to prove that the person you are suing had a duty of care toward you. If so, they were negligent in executing that duty, and you were injured as a result.

Negligence comes in many forms, including:

  • Unsafe scaffolding that results in a fall
  • Reckless driving that leads to an accident
  • Unsafe equipment that causes electric shock or leads to a fall
  • Defective or improperly sealed containers that lead to toxic chemical leaks
  • Work that results in repetitive motion injuries

If you have been injured while on a construction job because of any of the above factors, your lawyer will build a case against the entity responsible.

What Happens After The Consultation?

After the initial interview, your lawyer will send a private investigation team to the site of the accident. They will recover any camera footage of your workstation – through subpoena if necessary – and interview anyone who witnessed the accident. The investigators will also ask about the general safety conditions at the worksite.

If your accident is one of many on the site, there may be a systematic problem that should be addressed. To this end, the investigators will look for past accident reports involving the same company or the same site.

Your lawyer will also bring in a medical expert to do an independent assessment of your condition. That will be especially valuable if you have been permanently injured. They can make a statement about the debilitating nature of your injury and the prospects for your recovery.

If you have suffered injuries at a construction site in Sherman Oaks, you deserve justice. Whether you are hoping to reclaim out-of-pocket expenses for yourself or looking to file a wrongful death suit for a loved one, we can also help you with that.

If this is your first time filing a construction accident lawsuit, you might have a few questions. We answer a few below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Accidents

What are the four main causes of construction accidents?

If you work in the industry, it’s always best to familiarize yourself with the four most fatal accidents in construction. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, look out for:

  • Potential risks of falling, unstable equipment
  • Getting struck by heavy machinery and objects
  • Being caught in or between objects
  • Electric shock

What are the most common construction site injuries victims experience?

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Back pain, spinal cord injuries
  • Illnesses from toxic chemical exposure
  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Crushed, broken, fractured bones
  • Impaired vision and blindness

How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?

Before you can file a lawsuit against a third-party company or negligent co-worker, we encourage you to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ comp can provide you with basic coverage for your medical expenses. To do so, you’ll need to:

  1. Notify your employer of the accident immediately. They will make sure you get the proper medical attention.
  2. Your employer will give you a workers’ compensation claim. Make sure to fill it out and return it as soon as you can.
  3. After your employer retrieves the form, they will send it to an insurance company for either approval or denial.

How long do I have to file a construction accident claim?

With a few exceptions, victims generally have a statute of limitations of two years to bring a personal injury lawsuit against negligent parties. Your best move is to contact our personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to preserve your rights. It costs nothing to explore your potential third-party actions. For a free consultation call us today at 424-285-5419.