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Pursuing Healing And Compensation After A Burn Injury

Burn injuries come about through many types of accidents and have greatly varying degrees of severity. Burn injury cases can be complex with time-sensitive treatment options, such as skin grafts. No matter how a burn injury came about, personal injury counsel and representation are as essential as quality medical care.

Industrial workers, people caught in fires on dangerous premises and individuals trapped in crashed motor vehicles are all examples of people who may need treatment and financial relief from the effects of burn injuries. In and around Sherman Oaks, individuals with serious burn injuries and their family members often turn to Okhovat Law Firm for help and advocacy. Our California burn injury legal team takes a comprehensive, aggressive approach when assisting clients who are grappling with pain, fears and costly repercussions. Some have been injured through the use of hazardous products. Others have suffered inhalation burns in medical treatment contexts.

Things To Know About Burn Injuries

Situational types of burn injuries include thermal, radiation, chemical exposure and electrical burns. The seriousness of a given burn injury is classified as a first-, second- or third-degree burn, depending on which level of tissue – the epidermis, dermis or subcutis – is affected. Professionals who help burn patients recover often recommend that these patients work with a burn center if:

  • Their burns cover more than 10% of their total body surface area (TBSA).
  • Burns cover the facial or genital area.
  • They have suffered inhalation injuries.
  • They have chronic conditions such as diabetes.
  • They may have suffered child or elder abuse.
  • They suffered chemical or electrical burns.

Besides physical treatments, people who have suffered serious burns may also need psychological help to confront depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the sociopsychological effects of severe scarring.

At Okhovat Law Firm, our lawyers are passionate and skilled, and they are on your side if you have suffered a serious burn injury of any kind through any type of accident. Our burn injury attorneys are ready to evaluate your case and take over the burden of communicating with key players in your treatment plan, including your doctors, social workers, therapists and financial adviser(s), if appropriate.

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