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Case Results

Motorcycle Accident


Our clients were on a motorcycle and were struck by a car. The police report put our clients at fault and the insurance denied liability. After filing a lawsuit and litigating the case for nearly two years, defense offered to mediate the case. After the case failed to settle at mediation, defense raised their offer and the case settled for $575,000.

Sideswipe Accident


Our client was a young skateboarder who suffered lower back injuries as a result of a sideswipe accident. We settled the case prior to litigation for $255,000 with a recommendation for a future surgery.

Minor Impact Auto Accident


For a minor accident where the defendant turned left in front of our client’s vehicle, the case settled prior to litigation for $101,000 with no pain management intervention.

Premises Liability


Our client was walking through the grassy area of her apartment complex when she fell into a hole that was dug in the grass by the complex’s maintenance crew. Our client suffered a fractured ankle.

Auto Accident


Our client was crossing the street in his wheelchair and was struck by the defendant. He suffered minor injuries. The case was settled after chiropractic treatment and no pain management intervention.

Auto Accident


Our clients were rear-ended by a truck and suffered minor soft tissue injuries.

Auto Accident With A City Garbage Truck


Our client was rear-ended by a city garbage truck. An eggshell plaintiff, he underwent pain management treatment and surgery. The city denied his claim. We filed a lawsuit. After 1 year of aggressive litigation, we settled his case for $450,000.

Auto Accident


Our client was rear-ended. She suffered soft tissue injuries and received two injections for pain management. The case was settled without surgery or a lawsuit.



Our client was assaulted by a store employee in front of the store. The claim was denied prior to litigation. We filed a lawsuit and secured a $315,000 settlement after 1 and a half years of aggressive litigation.

Minor Impact Auto Accident


Our client was rear-ended by a truck at a low speed. She suffered neck injuries. The case was settled within 8 months of the accident without the need for litigation.