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Truck Accident Attorney In Sherman Oaks

Involved In A Truck Accident? Get Legal Help Today!

When you are driving down the highway and a big rig passes your vehicle, you can feel the power associated with these large vehicles. Since a typical big rig may weigh as much as 30 times more than a standard passenger vehicle, the damage they can do when involved in a crash is substantial and often deadly.

Yet, if you do survive such an accident, the ensuing months and years will be filled with long and painful medical treatment, financial uncertainty due to lost wages, and days and nights filled with physical and emotional suffering. Rather than let your life be ruined financially, seek compensation for your injuries by putting your case in the hands of a Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer who will take on insurance companies and others in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Okhovat Law Firm Is The Best Choice For Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

The multilingual legal staff at Okhovat Law Firm works hard to give clients the results they deserve. Several years ago, Anna Okhovat started her mission to establish a firm centered around personal injury law. Her goal is to provide legal counsel, support and the highest level of care. Not only do we have a reputation for getting clients the results they need, but also for:

  • Having a proven track record
  • Providing one-on-one contact with clients
  • Not charging fees unless the case is won
  • Taking a personalized approach to every case

Thousands of truck accidents occur in the United States each year, resulting in countless medical expenses and economic losses. In 2018 alone there were over 300,000 collisions, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. With so many incidents taking place, having a quality lawyer by your side matters. During a consultation, we will answer any questions to provide you with the best service and support possible. Don’t wait and lose your opportunity to file a compensation claim. Instead, give us a call at 424-285-5419.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Since there can be many reasons why truck accidents take place, it will be important for you to hire a truck injury attorney in Sherman Oaks who has extensive experience handling and winning such cases. Once you hire an attorney, they will go to work determining the cause of the accident. As for why these accidents occur, the most common reasons include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Improperly maintained trucks
  • Drivers lacking sufficient training
  • Failing to obey posted speed limits
  • Drivers who may be driving while high on drugs or drunk from alcohol

No matter the reason for the crash, you as the victim deserve substantial compensation for your brain damage, internal bleeding, broken bones, and any other injuries and damages. To get the money you deserve, contact Okhovat Law Firm, a truck accident law firm Sherman Oaks locals have turned to for years to help win these cases.

Getting Medical Treatment

Truck accidents are so impactful that they could pulverize bones, cause numerous lacerations, burns, and neck and back injuries. These are but a few examples of the types of damages you may sustain. No matter what injuries you have, it is crucial to get immediate medical treatment.

This should start at the accident scene with paramedics, who can assess and begin treating your injuries prior to taking you to the hospital. Once at the hospital, always allow doctors to conduct tests to determine the extent of your injuries. By doing so and receiving appropriate treatment immediately, you place a big obstacle in front of insurance companies that may want to deny you compensation.

How Does California View Truck Accidents?

In California, we have strict negligence laws that allow us to hold the driver, trucking business and third-party company accountable. Liability is determined by a standard we refer to as a “duty of care.” Our team will assess the following when we take a closer look at the actions of the truck driver and trucking company:

  • The driver, company or third party owed you a duty of care to avoid injury
  • The driver, company or third party failed to exercise a standard level of care
  • Their inability to exercise that care resulted in the damages you’ve suffered

Our Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer will uncover if there was any aspect of foul play. Whether this includes the driver having a history of being involved in serious accidents or the trucking company having a safety record that is less than stellar, these and other factors can weigh heavily in your efforts to be compensated for your injuries.

By having a skilled lawyer on your side, insurance companies are often much more willing to negotiate an out-of-court settlement that will give you the money needed for medical bills and other expenses.

Highly Regulated Industry

If there is one industry in the U.S. that is highly regulated, it is the trucking industry. From having strict rules regarding how long drivers can be behind the wheel before having to stop and rest, how trucks must be maintained, and much more, trucking companies and their drivers are expected to follow the rules.

However, most do not, resulting in numerous accidents that never should have taken place. Because of this, a truck accident law firm will always begin by assessing the circumstances of the accident as it pertains to various regulations. Upon doing so, it is often easy to uncover negligence and carelessness on the part of the company and its driver.

Don’t Discuss The Accident

Try not to discuss the details of your accident with anyone other than your attorney. When you are injured in a truck accident, it is best to say little about their accident until the case is resolved. While you may need to speak with police and doctors initially, refrain from talking to insurance company representatives, trucking company reps, or anyone else associated with the defendant.

When you are the victim of a large truck accident, you can trust the best attorneys to handle your case and get you the compensation you deserve. To speak with a Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer who will care about you and fight hard for compensation, contact our team today for a consultation.

Related Articles About Trucking Accidents

The Most Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking companies try to implement clear guidelines for trucker behavior so that everyone on the road stays safe. However, the weight and its distribution across the semi truck make them prone to devastating accidents, including overturning and rear-ending. The most common causes of commercial trucking accidents are:

  • Distracted driving: Big rigs take a longer time to skid to a stop than the average car. If the driver was distracted due to cellphone use, they are probably at fault for the accident.
  • Fatigue: Truck drivers must meet tight delivery deadlines, so they often skip getting a moderate amount of sleep. The federal government actually imposes strict regulations regarding the amount truckers can legally drive before they must pull over and rest, so it’s important to hold them accountable if they do not adhere to these safety guidelines.
  • Impaired driving: Driving while intoxicated is one of the fastest ways to cause an accident. There is no excuse for this disregard for safety.
  • Excessive speed: The size and weight of big rigs make it impossible to slam on the brakes and stop quickly. That’s why they are supposed to watch their speed. A crash due to a trucker’s excessive speed can result in life-threatening or life-changing injuries.
  • Poor judgement: Truckers should be extremely careful when they are on the road surrounded by other cars. They should think before changing lanes without signaling or driving recklessly.

Driver And Company Liability For Commercial Truck Accidents
If you are involved in an accident with a semi truck or big rig, they are likely driving that vehicle for their job. Their status as an employee is essential to your lawsuit. If they were an employee, then their employer can be held liable for their actions.

On the contrary, if the driver is an independent contractor, the trucking company may not be liable for the accident. In this case, your attorney will likely sue the driver and their personal insurance company.

Most Common Injuries Claimed in Truck Accidents
Truck accidents are much more injurious than car accidents, as trucks are heavier and harder to control. When our lawyers assess your case, we will divide injuries into two categories: impact injuries and penetrating injuries.

Impact injuries occur to your body once you crash into another object. Although you might not show signs of bleeding, you could be dealing with internal damages of the organs, intestines or muscles. In contrast, penetrating injuries are known for piercing through the skin. It might be a simple graze or a penetrating wound from debris or loose objects circulating at the time of the accident.

Read on to learn more about the type of injuries we can help you recover damages for.

Drug Testing For Truck Drivers
If you have a commercial driver’s license and drive for a trucking company, that means you are susceptible to getting drug tested. These routine tests will happen periodically throughout your employment. The average drugs companies test for include marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine and PCP.

When an accident ensues, you will notice that the requirements slightly change – that’s normal. Regardless of whoever is at fault, truck drivers must take a drug and alcohol test within 32 hours of the crash. It is a tactic that protects the company from getting sued down the road. This article details more information regarding drug testing, compensation and the injuries to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accidents

If I am the victim of a commercial trucking accident, who do I sue for damages?

Following a traffic collision with a commercial truck driver, either the company for which the driver was working or the driver themselves will serve as the defendant in your case. You will need to see if the driver was an employee or independent contractor working with the company.

You will also need to research the company’s policies on traffic accidents involving their drivers. For example, if the driver was off the clock when the accident happened, it’s possible that the company will not be held liable since they technically weren’t working.

How long do I have to reach out to a lawyer?

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim against the defendant. We recommend reaching out to a lawyer immediately after you’ve received medical treatment, but no later than two months. Contact our law offices today to get one step closer to moving past your accident and receiving full and fair compensation!

What can a lawyer help me recover after a truck accident?

The damages will vary depending on the nature of the accident, property damages and injuries suffered. We typically incorporate the following into your settlement:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income and wages
  • The emotional toll, pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death damages

The trucking company’s insurance offered me a settlement. Should I take it?

No! The first offer is not the best. Insurance companies are known to offer the worst settlement possible to deter you from proceeding with the lawsuit. Truck accidents are known to be life-changing events. We will ensure the settlement amount considerably amounts for the damages.