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Suing A Theme Park Or Water Park For Your Child’s Injuries

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney if You or a Loved One Were Injured at an Amusement Park

Summer and early fall are the months where amusement parks see their highest influx of guests. As families try to savor the last days of summer by doing something memorable and fun, tragedy can strike when the theme park employees and parts manufacturers don’t do their job correctly.

Luckily, you can hold careless parties accountable through a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney. Someone who understands premises liability and negligence can help you file a claim for compensation. Whether the injury happened to you or your child, a good attorney for theme park accidents can help you prove what happened.

Proving Negligence

Just like any injury claim in California, your lawsuit is going to hinge on negligence. Negligence can be defined as actions, or lack of actions, that do not meet the standard level of care that another person would if they were in the same circumstances.

You may hear Sherman Oaks injury lawyers refer to negligence as carelessness or inattention, as these are more common terms that are easy to explain to any witnesses who may testify to the negligence they saw on the day of the accident.

In a standard negligence claim, the plaintiff’s accident injury lawyer must prove that the defendant was supposed to exercise a reasonable duty of care, which shouldn’t be hard since theme parks have multiple regulations to meet. They must also prove that the defendant failed to exercise this level of care and that this failure resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries.

Once negligence is proven, then any damages that result from the plaintiff’s injuries should be compensated.

Amusement parks are complex organizations of engineers, architects, construction workers, and hourly ride attendants. Since they are all working for the same organization, the company behind the theme park will be the defendant in your lawsuit, unless the designers and builders were contractors. In some cases faulty seat belts, life preservers, and other equipment result in your child’s injuries, which then makes your case a product liability suit towards the manufacturer.

Whether it was a poorly-designed safety harness or negligent employee who didn’t mop a slippery floor, our attorneys will help you get compensation.

Other examples of amusement park negligence include:

  • failing to post clear warning signs that, for example, patrons with blood pressure or heart problems should not go on a ride
  • posting signs that don’t adequately warn riders of the risks involved
  • failing to properly train ride operators
  • failing to maintain equipment in a safe condition
  • failing to regularly inspect the rides
  • improperly operating a ride, such as making it go too fast or not checking height or weight requirements of riders
  • providing incorrect instructions to riders

Your Sherman Oaks child injury lawyer will help you every step of the way, providing legal advice on top of emotional support.

Differences Between Child Injury Lawsuits and Regular Accident Injury Suits

The thing that makes child injury lawsuits different from other kinds of lawsuits is the tact with which you have to approach a minor who has seen or undergone something traumatic. If your child is the one who was injured, then a large percentage of witnesses are likely children.

Getting children to provide reliable testimony can be hard. Only the best personal injury lawyer for claims involving children can obtain invaluable information from these delicate witnesses. It requires a gentler approach than most attorneys are used to.

Anna Okhovat, our founder and personal injury lawyer for claims involving minors, has two children of her own, so she knows how to communicate with them. Being a working mother to two toddlers has made Anna even more passionate to help those who were hurt by another’s carelessness.

Using her Mama Bear instinct and communication skills, Anna can help you and your child through your injury lawsuit against the theme park or water park. The best attorney to help you get compensation for your child’s injuries is one who understands your pain as a parent. Contact Anna to set up a free case review!