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Woman Seen On Video Attacking, Biting Uber Driver

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A Florida woman has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery and tampering with a witness after she attacked an Uber driver and threw his phone when he tried to call 911.

A wild video surfaced last month of a woman attacking her Uber driver. She can be seen choking him from the back seat as well as biting his shoulder area. She is noticeably intoxicated. 22-year-old Michael Hassey picked up his rideshare passenger, who turned out to be 55-year-old Michele Stillwell, on April 17 at 4:45 p.m.

Stilwell seemed drunk and went to sleep as soon as she got in the car. Lawyers for Uber drivers will tell you that it’s typical for drunk people to call a rideshare so they can get home safe. Little did Hassey know, this Uber ride was going to be one he’ll never forget.

According to Hassey, Stilwell awoke from her drunken slumber towards the end of the ride, and she began attacking him while he was still driving. He tried to pull over during her blitz, but Stilwell then leaned over the center console and bit his neck so deeply that it broke the skin. Defending himself was difficult since he was trying to drive safely and fight someone positioned behind him. During the conflict, Hassey attempted to dial 911, but Stilwell smacked the phone out of his hand.

Once he pulled over, onlookers came to his aid, and one started filming. Stilwell can be heard saying that her daughter used her own account to call the Uber ride for her. It’s unclear if the daughter was just doing a favor for her mom or if Stilwell had been banned by the app.

Sadly, research finds that Uber drivers are often the ones hurt in rideshare accidents in Sherman Oaks. Not only has Hassey endured physical injuries from his rideshare experience, but he has also experienced emotional trauma. He should contact a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney to start a claim for compensation.