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Will A Dog Automatically Be Put Down If I File A Dog Bite Report?

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Dogs are the most common household pet in the country, but owners do not realize that training and socialization must occur in the first two years of its life before they have an aggressive dog on their hands. A dog that can be loving towards its owner can snarl and bite at strangers if it’s not trained to see humans as superiors; in the dog’s mind, they are often protecting themselves and/or their owner.

If someone’s poorly trained dog bit you and the bite needed medical attention, you may want to report the bite to protect others from experiencing the same situation and to make sure your medical bills are compensated.

However, you may be nervous that reporting a dog bite may result in the dog being euthanized. Any dog can be raised to be gentle and friendly, so you may feel as if punishing the dog is not necessary over punishing the owner. Laws on euthanasia vary from state to state, but our lawyer for dog bite attacks can provide more detail on what will happen after filing your claim during your free case evaluation.

One-Bite Liability Rule

California follows the One-Bite Liability Rule, meaning that the dog’s previous peaceful behavior does not exempt the dog from euthanasia; owners are legally liable for their dog’s behavior even when it’s the first bite.

This doesn’t mean that a dog is always euthanized after its first biting incident. In fact, a dog who bites in California will only be euthanized if:

  • The dog is rabid
  • The dog has bitten at least 2 people in the past
  • The dog has seriously bitten 1 person, but was raised as a fighting or attack dog

A dog may be euthanized after its first biting incident under 2 circumstances: if the dog was raised to fight and attack and if the bite caused the victim serious injuries. In this situation, a hearing is required before the dog is put down.

If you were bitten by a dog and want to hold the owner responsible without punishing the dog, contact our Sherman Oaks injury lawyer. If you are a dog owner who has found yourself the subject of a dog bite lawsuit, we may be able to help you save your dog. Contact us for dedicated legal representation.