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Why Are Truck Accidents More Common During The Summer?

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If you are on the road anytime from Memorial Day to Labor Day, you are driving down the highway during what is known as the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer.” During this time, a significant spike in motor vehicle accidents takes place, especially those involving large trucks. As for why this occurs, there are many reasons. If you are injured in a truck accident Sherman Oaks victims need a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney they can trust, such as one from Okhovat Law.

What Causes These Accidents?
As for why more truck accidents occur in the summer, a Sherman Oaks injury lawyer will look to such reasons as improperly loaded cargo, construction projects, tire blowouts, increased traffic on the highway, and both drowsy and distracted driving. If these reasons led to your accident, hire a Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer immediately.

Safety Precautions
When truck accidents in Sherman Oaks happen, it is often because truck drivers failed to take numerous safety precautions while behind the wheel. In many cases where a tire blowout occurs, your truck injury attorney Sherman Oaks relies on for their experience will discover the driver failed to check tire pressure and the condition of the truck’s tires. In other cases, coolant levels and hoses were not checked and maintained, leading to the truck overheating. To make sure this evidence is discovered and used to strengthen your case, look to a truck accident law firm Sherman Oaks accident victims always trust to hold truckers accountable for their negligence.

Truck Accident Injuries
When victims suffer injuries in truck accidents, the injuries are very serious. The most common injuries include broken bones, concussions, and head, neck, and back injuries. However, other more serious injuries can happen, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, paralysis, amputation of limbs, and severe disfigurement. If you or a loved one suffered these or other major injuries, hire a truck injury attorney Sherman Oaks knows will fight to help them gain substantial compensation to replace lost wages and pay their medical bills.

How to Avoid Accidents
Needless to say, you want to avoid being involved in an accident with a large truck. To do so, there are things you can do while on the road to decrease the risk. These include staying alert when large trucks are nearby, giving large trucks plenty of space around you, and pulling over into a safe spot off the road should you need to do so. If you took these precautions and nevertheless were injured in a truck accident Sherman Oaks victims recommend hiring the Okhovat Law Firm.

Hold Truckers Accountable
If a commercial truck hits your vehicle and was clearly negligent in doing so, hold the truck driver accountable for their actions by hiring a truck accident law firm Sherman Oaks victims need to protect their rights in these matters. Once you have a Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyer from Okhovat Law working for you, the trucker and trucking company will soon learn their actions will not be tolerated.