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What Type Of Accident Kills Most Construction Workers?

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When it comes to the top industries that are the most dangerous to work in, construction is at the top of the list. Any construction injury attorney Sherman Oaks can reveal to you the leading causes of deaths in this particular industry. We’re going to evaluate the top four causes of fatalities in the construction industry.


Our Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney can tell you that their most common cases in the construction industry are for falls. In fact, 34 percent of fatalities in this industry were attributed to falls alone, according to a 2012 research study. There are many different causes of these falls. Most of them include fall hazards and losing balance.

A massive study was undertaken to evaluate the type of construction sites that fatalities occurred on. This study used information from 1992 through 2005. The study revealed the following:

  • 33% – Roofs
  • 18% – Staging / Scaffolding
  • 16% – Ladders
  • 8% – Girders / Structural Steel
  • 25% – Others (existing floor openings, aerial lifts, non-moving vehicles, etc.)

Stricken By An Object

Your experienced Sherman Oaks construction accident lawyer can tell you that about 10 percent of the fatalities in the construction industry are attributed to workers being struck by an object. OSHA describes this fatality cause as when a worker is killed by forceful contact or impact of a piece of equipment or object. The object can be flying, falling, swinging, and rolling at the time of the collision.


About eight percent of all construction fatalities that occurred during the study period were attributed to the worker being exposed to a deadly amount of electrical energy. Falling just behind electricians, construction workers make up the second largest industry to fall victim to this cause of fatality. In fact, many are injured at a construction job in Sherman Oaks because of electrocutions that take place. The severity of the injury that a construction worker faces will highly depend on several factors. These include the pathway the electricity took through the body, the length of the exposure time, whether the skin was wet or dry, and the amount of the current.

Caught-In / Between

Through the study period, it was revealed that one and a half percent of all construction fatalities were attributed to workers being caught-in or between hazards. Those injured at a construction job in Sherman Oaks due to being caught-in or between hazards were usually squeezed, crushed, pinched, compressed, or caught between parts of an object. Your Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney can reveal the many dangers of being pinned in between equipment, being pulled into operating equipment, and even being crushed in between materials that are stacked or stored.

If you or a loved one were injured or died as a result of a construction accident, you should hire a Sherman Oaks construction accident lawyer. They have the knowledge and experience to collect the evidence and fight your case to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve. Any construction injury attorney Sherman Oaks can assist you in determining who was at fault for your injury and how much compensation you can sue for.