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The Serious Injuries Most Car Accident Victims Overlook

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Car accidents can happen when least expected, no matter the road user’s driving experience. When you get involved in a car accident, you quickly need to seek medical attention because your health comes first.

It’s also ideal to seek compensation for the injuries from an auto accident lawyer in Sherman Oaks to represent you in court. However, there may be injuries that you might overlook, thinking that they are minor.

Sometimes, there might be no pain for months or years after the car crash. It’s good to note that even minor injuries can be fatal in the long run, which comes as a risk to your health. Below are the injuries that car accident victims overlook.


Whiplash is an injury that occurs when the neck rapidly moves backward and forward under a forceful impact. The sudden movement causes the neck to strain and stretch, resulting in whiplash. You’re likely to encounter this type of injury after a rear-end car collision.

Some people recover quickly from neck strains after a car accident. In contrast, others take longer and may need a car wreck lawyer Sherman Oaks if the injuries become chronic with other severe complications.

The symptoms might take time depending on the accident’s impact, so be on the look-out for any changes within your neck area, a few days after the car crash.

If you realize that you have whiplash, you need to get compensated by the other driver with the help of a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney who’ll fight for your compensation rights.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The violent head movement caused by a jolt on the head or body is called traumatic brain injury. It happens when your head hits a solid object with force. It’s also known as concussion. As your head moves back and forth, it can hit and injure the skull.

Such an incident can result in other severe symptoms that will need you to seek legal help from an accident injury attorney in Sherman Oaks for your rights to compensation. However, you may fail to notice some injuries after the accident.

The symptoms are blurred vision, severe headaches, memory loss, confusion and drowsiness. If you experience sudden changes in your body, contact a car accident lawyer in Sherman Oaks for legal representation in court.

Herniated Disk

When a car accident occurs, a disk can slip, pushing the nucleus through the tear in the rubber exterior, also known as the annulus, resulting in a herniated disk.

It is a severe case requiring a Sherman Oaks injury lawyer to provide a strong legal backing. Some of the symptoms associated with a herniated disk are weakness in the leg or arm, severe pain and numbness.

Much as you need to immediately seek medical attention, it’s also crucial to get help from a car accident lawyer in Sherman Oaks to mediate for your medical compensation.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be a severe case if left unattended, although it’s not easy to notice. It’s a grave issue requiring help from a car wreck lawyer Sherman Oaks for legal action against the accused.

Internal bleeding could be a result of injured lungs, brain, liver or lungs. Symptoms such as persistent headaches, seizures, fainting, or dizziness will require you to call for an accident injury attorney in Sherman Oaks for a quick turn-around of your medical and other compensation rights.

Seek for Legal Help

Car accident injuries that have been neglected for long can get complicated, especially when you do not have any legal knowledge on car accidents. For a quick turn-around, you need an experienced auto accident lawyer in Sherman Oaks to stand in the gap for you and help you get your legal rights. Engaging a lawyer will let you be at peace as you seek medical help.