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LAPD Searching For Driver In Violent Hit-And-Run Crash In South La That Left Man Severely Injured

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A video was released by the Los Angeles Police Department showing a man being severely injured in a violent hit-and-run-crash. Police are hoping that someone will recognize the driver in the South L.A. crash that happened Sunday night at the intersection of Broadway and 61st Street.

The pedestrian entered the crosswalk during the “Don’t Walk” signal. Surveillance footage shows the pedestrian being struck by a vehicle and being tossed into the air before landing in the crosswalk.

The Northbound driver briefly stopped his vehicle before continuing on without rendering medical attention to the pedestrian. The vehicle is believed to be a 2000-2010 beige two-door coupe. The car may have front-end damage. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition.

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