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Kinetic Raises $11.25 Million For Wearables That Aim To Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Workplace injuries happen often. In fact, they are on the rise, according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics. A 2018 study revealed that there were 5,520 workplace deaths due to work-related injuries throughout the United States. While many people commonly think of the construction industry, workplace injuries are present in different occupations.

Any bodily injury lawyer Sherman Oaks will tell you that workplace injuries happen to those who are exposed often to a common set of risk factors. These include activities like:

  • Pushing Heavy Loads
  • Pulling Heavy Loads
  • Bending
  • Reaching Overhead
  • Sustained Awkward Body Positions
  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Lifting Heavy Objects

Kinetic Aims To Make A Difference

Kinetic is a company that is working on perfecting workplace equipment that can prevent injuries from occurring, thus preventing you from having to contact a work injury attorney Sherman Oaks. Recently, Kinetic has received $11.25 million in funding to put towards their newest product, the Reflex. This funding was broken down into being $3 million in debt and $8.25 million in equity. This technological development could be a big changing force in workers’ compensation cases.

What Is The Reflex?

Any workplace accident lawyer will agree that constructing a product that helps to eliminate workplace injuries is a worthy cause. The Reflex is a Bluetooth-enabled device that fastens to the waistband of the wearer. This device has various sensors that detect when an injury-causing activity is happening.

This detection is determined through a series of algorithms that classify motions as twisting, overreaching, and bending. Each device is calibrated for the individual wearer to ensure optimal accuracy during use. The information recorded by the Reflex sends alerts, goals, and steps to both employees and employers. This creates a whole new world of injury prevention, which will lessen the need for contacting an employment accident attorney Sherman Oaks.

A Revolution In Workplace Injury Prevention

Real-time data is a game-changer; no longer do actions need to be analyzed over a lengthy period of time for both employees and employers to be given the appropriate feedback. Now, employees can receive instant feedback through vibrations that alert them of potentially hazardous behavior. This way, they can correct their movement pattern before causing an accident. Staying on top of risky behavior will undoubtedly lessen workplace accidents and cut back on pain, suffering, and going through the legal process alongside a workplace accident lawyer.

One modern feature of this device, according to a work injury attorney Sherman Oaks, is that it senses social distancing. The device will vibrate to alert the worker and to encourage social distancing when standing close to another person, helping stop the spread of COVID-19. This greatly helps to reduce the monitoring of workplace safety restrictions recently placed due to the pandemic. This device also works as a contact tracer, monitoring daily activity to determine what other employees they came in contact with throughout the day. This monitoring can easily allow managers to alert employees of potential risky contact with a COVID-19 positive employee. According to an employment accident attorney Sherman Oaks, this will greatly help to minimize the spread of the virus in the workplace.

Even with rapidly evolving technology, workplace accidents still happen due to exhaustion and negligence. When you’ve been hurt in an accident on the job, don’t hesitate to contact a bodily injury lawyer Sherman Oaks to make sure you’re compensated for your time spent in the hospital.  Okhovat Law can provide you with an employment accident attorney Sherman Oaks that will fight for your case.