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Employees Or Independent Contractors? Californians Are Not Buying Uber And Lyft’s Arguments

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As ridesharing services have increased year after year, those driving their own vehicles for these services have been referred to as independent contractors, excluding them from employee benefits. However, when California passed AB5 and thus had a law requiring ridesharing companies to classify drivers as employees, it seemed as if the problem was solved. However, as voters in the Golden State prepare to cast ballots on a measure to yet again answer this question, fierce ad campaigns by Uber and Lyft are failing to sway the opinions of voters. Should you need a ridesharing accident attorney Sherman Oaks accident victims rely on for legal guidance, consult Okhovat Law immediately.

Why Does This Matter?

While this employment classification may not seem important on the surface, an Uber accident lawyer Sherman Oaks knows this can make all the difference in a lawsuit. By having drivers classified as independent contractors, the companies can claim only the driver should be sued for whatever damages took place. If you need lawyers for Uber drivers, schedule a meeting with Okhovat Law.

Difficult to Gather Support

As of now, less than 40% of likely voters side with Uber, Lyft, and other companies on this question. Since Proposition 22 will require a 50% threshold to pass, it is difficult to say whether or not the measure will succeed. Meanwhile, drivers are left wondering not only if they will gain access to vital benefits as workers’ compensation and health insurance, but also how they will handle an accident situation in which they are involved. When it’s time to hire an accident lawyer, the first call to make is to a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney at Okhovat Law.

Who Benefits Most?

Should an Uber or Lyft driver find themselves in an accident, having the proper employment classification can have a significant impact on how the accident case plays out in court and with insurance companies. If a driver is still looked at as an independent contractor, the driver’s personal auto insurance policy would likely be responsible for paying damages to other drivers and any ridesharing passengers. However, as an employee, the burden of payment would fall on the ridesharing companies. Since a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney will be needed to sort out the complexities of these cases, seek to hire lawyers for Uber drivers at Okhovat Law.

Like any auto accident, there can be major injuries and property damage involved in a ridesharing accident. Because of this, a Lyft accident lawyer Sherman Oaks drivers trust will be crucial to winning the case. Since more and more ridesharing accidents happen on California roads, always retain the services of a ridesharing accident attorney Sherman Oaks.