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Can You Go To Jail For A Car Crash?

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Car accidents are almost always accidents, and only in the rarest of circumstances do they occur due to the intentional acts of someone else. Most people know that intentionally hurting or killing someone can end in a jail sentence; however, you can also go to jail for negligence after it leads to a car accident.

Our Sherman Oaks injury lawyers have seen many incidents of negligence, and many of them can result in death if heavy vehicles are involved.

If a driver is involved in a hit and run, whether they hit a car or a pedestrian, they can be subjected to a year in jail. If you are ever involved in an accident, you must alert authorities as well as get in touch with a car wreck lawyer in Sherman Oaks. Even though you may be scared, you have to report the accident, as a lawyer can help you with the legal battle that is to follow. The courts may even find that you aren’t fully liable for the accident. Reporting the accident and dealing with the consequences is better than going to jail for a year.

In car accidents where someone dies as a result of the accident, you can sometimes serve time in jail as part of your punishment. In California, vehicular manslaughter is when a person kills another by driving in a negligent or unlawful manner. It’s not as simple as making a mistake that costs someone else on the road their life; for vehicular manslaughter, the seriousness of your actions is closely examined. If you were driving while intoxicated and killed someone, then you can be charged with gross vehicular manslaughter with negligence, and there’s a high chance you may go to jail as a result.

When determining if you will go to jail for your actions, the courts will examine the seriousness of the crime and the degree of negligence involved, as well as whether the driver was intoxicated and if they have a prior criminal record.

If you were driving recklessly or negligently and you were involved in an accident, you should reach out to a Sherman Oaks car accident injury attorney immediately. During your free case review with Okhovat Law, we will ask you about the circumstances of your accident. Based on the situation, we will determine the best course of action.