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Banned Dog Breeds In California

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Most dog owners will tell you that it’s not the breed that makes a dog aggressive, but instead poor training and a bad owner. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this sentiment. Dog breeds that are often labeled as dangerous or aggressive include:

  • Pit bulls
  • Rottweilers
  • Akitas
  • German shepherds

Even if your dog is the sweetest and most obedient around, you may find yourself in legal or financial trouble if your insurance company or county has a ban on your pet’s breed. The state of California itself does not have in place any laws banning dog breeds; however, regulations still exist depending on the circumstance.

San Bernardino county requires pit bulls to be spayed and neutered in an effort to limit overbreeding and partially due to the fact that almost 80% of dog bites are from unneutered males.

Orange country mandates that all dogs, no matter the breed, be on a leash while outside the owner’s property. The county also does not allow dogs on public beaches and in certain parks, unless they are service dogs.

In addition to state regulations, insurance companies may also restrict the breeds that they cover. While homeowner’s insurance will help you out if you are sued by a Sherman Oaks dog bite injury attorney, they will ask what breed your dog is. If you own a doberman pincher, pit bull, or rottweiler, chances are that your homeowner’s insurance will refuse to cover you for any damage they cause.

These restrictions can really impact you in the event that your dog bites someone. The average dog bite lawsuit adds up to over $40,000, so you want to follow regulations as closely as possible.

Additionally, it’s legal for landlords to ban limit the dog breeds for their tenants can own. It’s rare for landlords to state specific “banned” breeds, but many instate weight regulations that limit owners to having small to medium-sized dogs. If your landlord makes you put down a pet deposit, this amount, usually a couple hundred bucks, will not be enough to cover any dog bite lawsuits that happen on the property.

If you own an “aggressive” dog breed, you should have a talented Sherman Oaks injury lawyer on hand in case they ever attack someone. While the idea may seem impossible, even the nicest dogs can bite if they feel threatened, scared, or uncomfortable. If you trust your dog too much and they bite someone, you may find yourself facing negligence charges on top of the victim’s medical bills. Make sure to contact our dog bite law firm if you find yourself in this situation.