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Assessing Slip And Fall Risks In Facilities

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Whether you are descending a flight of stairs, getting on an elevator, or entering a public bathroom, you should be wary of having a slip and fall accident. Should this happen, you’ll likely suffer broken bones and other serious injuries. Unfortunately, once slip and fall accident scenes are investigated, it is clear most of these accidents occur due to the negligence and carelessness of employees or others at the facility. If you need legal representation following your slip and fall accident, contact a Sherman Oaks personal injury attorney at Okhovat Law.

Slip and Fall Prevention
In many buildings, slip and fall prevention is rarely a top priority of those in charge. As a result, spills in aisles are not promptly cleaned up, bathrooms fail to have adhesive-backed mats for safer walking, and signs indicating a wet floor are often not properly displayed. If any of these acts of negligence led to your accident, contact a slip and fall lawyer Sherman Oaks trusts at Okhovat Law.

Employee and Visitor Entrances
Since employee and visitor entrances may be where you suffered your accident, your fall injury attorney Sherman Oaks accident victims rely on from Okhovat Law will carefully examine evidence and pictures of the scene to build a case demonstrating the negligence at the facility that led to your accident.

Trip Hazards
When a slip and fall accident occurs, your trip and fall lawyer Sherman Oaks looks to for legal advice will often find a trip hazard existed that led to your accident. In many situations, this involves rugs and mats that do not have adhesive backs that keep them from moving unexpectedly. If you suffered serious injuries due to this, hire a slip and fall accident lawyer from Okhovat Law immediately.

High-Risk Zones
Like most people, you are probably unaware of the many high-risk zones that exist in various buildings for slip and fall accidents. As a result, managers or owners at the building where you fall will likely try to say the accident was your fault. If this happens, say as little as possible to them or others until you have spoken to a Sherman Oaks injury lawyer. Once you hire a slip and fall accident lawyer Sherman Oaks you can rest easy and know your case is in good hands.

Extra Precautions
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and other buildings are required to take extra precautions for your safety. However, once your slip and fall lawyer Sherman Oaks takes a closer look at the details of your accident, they will discover numerous precautions were overlooked, such as using adhesive-backed mats in restrooms and entrances.

By scheduling your consultation today with a fall injury attorney Sherman Oaks clients know will fight hard for a maximum settlement, you can gain much-needed peace of mind.