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3 Ways To Tell If You Have A Product Liability Claim

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As governmental regulators take a more active approach to consumer safety and fairness, more and more companies are being held accountable for the safety of their products and the truth and effectiveness of their product’s claims.

Accordingly, there have been many important product recalls issued in the last several years. Leading the pack in product recalls are automotive companies. A variety of other recalls are flooding the market as well; among them are food, industry and consumer safety equipment, and children’s toys. The following components are what attorneys look for in deciding whether to pursue legal action based on a product recall.

Product Defects
Law firms rely on engineers and other industry professionals to determine if a product defect exists and what degree of fault can be attributed to the manufacturer. Manufacturers must assume reasonable care in the creation, testing, marketing and manufacturing of their products. To prove liability, these professionals must be able to prove that a consumer could not have been aware of the danger a product posed when in ordinary use.

Appropriate Warnings
Attorneys and consumers agree that the best solution for everyone is for manufacturers to create a safe product in the first place. Because this is not always the case, liability can be limited if these manufacturers label their products to clearly warn the public of any potential injury or harm. The appropriateness or inappropriateness of a products warning label is a good indicator of liability.

Degree of Harm
Why you incurred an injury is as important as the degree of that injury. Unfortunately, some injuries are due to consumer misuse of a product. These cases are not appropriate for legal action. In those cases where a consumer was hurt even though they used a product in the manner for which it was intended, manufacturer liability can be established and pursued.

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